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Click on the page that you want to change the orentation of, and then go to the

Page Layout Tab, Page Setup Group, and look in the Breaks menu .

You will see four-five different section breaks you can choose. If you have an existing document, it is best to use the “Continuous” section break.

Try to change the orentation again… you will notice it will change it for the current section (section 2).

Now all the pages after that page are landscape..We just repeat the process to create a third section using the Continuous Section Break, then change the orentation back to where we wanted it to be.

It works in Office Word 2007  and 2010.



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  1. 1. HEFILIA A Says:

    Thank you. this was very helpful

  2. 2. EGGS Says:

    that was EGGstra helpful

  3. 3. Amol Bharti Says:

    Thanks for the tip, I was able to format my document with some pages having orientation set as Landscape and other with Potrait. This really helped. Thanks. Amol

  4. 4. abi Says:

    Tried lots of methods to change the orientation of a single page, including the help on microsoft website, and nothing else worked for me…. thanks for the great tip!!

  5. 5. N Jo Says:

    Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your post! It worked perfectly for me.

  6. 6. Tribbles Says:

    It worked! i was trying other sites, and nothing worked. I HATE spending time on stuff like this – so really…THANK YOU!!

  7. 7. Sanjay Says:

    Boss you are too good and this feature helped me a lot.
    My document was 300 page doc and was struggling to change orientation.


  8. 8. Ash Says:

    This is very helpful. Thank you

  9. 9. Sujan Shakya Says:

    a simple, small, easy yet informative post !

  10. 10. Prativa Says:

    Superb! Thanks for the very useful tip 🙂

  11. 11. Tammy Says:

    Super!!!! Always wondered how to that…but needed to do it for assignemnt now. Excellent…and so easy!!!

  12. 12. TK Says:

    That’s great, thanks a lot! However, if you have page numbers, it restarts at 1. Is there a way to make page numbers continuous please? Thanks again..

  13. 13. Regine Says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much~~~ Yah~~~

  14. 14. S Says:

    Thanks heaps, very helpful

  15. 15. Muffins Says:

    Hurray…..Great JOB….Thanks a lot…it really helped a lot and saved lot of time Thanks again 🙂

  16. 16. Irfan Rather Says:

    But, the sequence of page numbers changes 🙁 .

  17. 17. Crime Master Says:

    Thank you for this tip mate. Very helpful

  18. 18. Nate Says:

    Thanks! Super helpful.

  19. 19. Selvi Says:

    Very very helpful.. Thanks alot ya

  20. 20. Zandi Says:

    I spent the whole day trying to change the orientation of a few pages in a document….so thank you so much for the tip! 🙂

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    Very Helpful. Thanks

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    Merci de ajutor.

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    Very helpful, Thank you !

  26. 26. Tali Says:

    Thank you very much!

  27. 27. dilanka Says:

    Great. But how to continue page numbers?

  28. 28. Marie Says:

    Sorry, this didn’t work for me. I have MS Word 2010 and it throws in an extra (empty) page that can’t be removed. Since I’m working with page limits, this is a really, really frustrating problem. Any help would be appreciated.

  29. 29. Tharaka (Sri Lanka) Says:

    Thankyou Very much

  30. 30. Somnath Says:

    Thanks a lot… Its very very useful

  31. 31. Mark Says:

    Thanks. This would perfectly

  32. 32. George Says:

    Marie: The same thing happened to me at first, but I realized I already had a page break for the point at which I restarted the 3rd section. So I went back and started it over after removing that page break, and it worked fine (no blank page inserted).

  33. 33. Shoeb Says:

    I did page break but didnt work, “Continous” did.

  34. 34. Vinode Mohindra Says:

    It worked. Thanks

  35. 35. Jamal Says:

    Thank you. It works and very helpful.

  36. 36. Bhavishya Says:

    your help is highly appreciated….

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    Thank you, just what I needed!

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    Thank you. It is very easy

  39. 39. Brado Says:

    Thanks! That was just what I needed….

  40. 40. Tessua Says:

    This worked just like that…. thanks. However why it changes two consecutive pages instead of one!?
    Thanks again

  41. 41. SB Says:

    To reformat page number, go to Header/Footer –> Format Page Numbers and choose ‘Continue from previous’

  42. 42. RKRK Says:

    Sorry, it does not work for me on 2010. Why is 2010 so different from previous versions? Hate MS. It is forced on me at work.

  43. 43. rosa villa Says:

    Thank you so much i thought i was going to have to start on my work all over again.

  44. 44. Yogesh Says:

    Thank you so much. You saved my day!

  45. 45. Arun Says:

    Thanks, its such a useful tip.

  46. 46. khohli Says:

    Thank you, it was really helpful

  47. 47. Terry Says:

    Tried the Microsoft Help and found nothing useful. Used this tip and it worked perfectly – many thanks

  48. 48. Dehy.. Says:

    ..this was really a BIIIIIIIIIIIG HELP!! ^_^

  49. 49. Sujesh Says:

    Superb tip!

  50. 50. Saurabh Says:

    That helped a lot… Thanks…
    There is one problem that I am facing after changing the orientation of some of the pages to landscape. The headers and footers for these pages do not align to the margins. How do I fix that?

  51. 51. MD.EERSHAD Says:

    This is so much useful really

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    Thanks. This even works for 2013

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    Thanks a lot. You solved a big problem. I was facing problem.
    Good Job

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    thanks mate. this was useful to me as well. ur a saver

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    Thanks…It was indeed helpful!

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