Nov 23

SSHD has a little bug when do you want to use ClientAliveCountMax in combination with ClientAliveInterval, so if you want to work try this:

TCPKeepAlive yes
ClientAliveInterval 3600
ClientAliveCountMax 0

this should disconnect iddle session older then 1h.

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Dec 03


where 3 is the amount of wait time in seconds

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May 09
  1. Logged in as root, check which timezone your machine is currently using by executing `date`. You’ll see something like Mon 17 Jan 2005 13:19:11 PM PST, PST in this case is the current timezone.
  2. Change to the directory /usr/share/zoneinfo here you will find a list of time zone regions. Choose the most appropriate region, if you live in┬áRomania┬áthis directory is the “Europe” directory.
  3. If you wish, backup the previous timezone configuration by copying it to a different location. Such as
    mv /etc/localtime  /etc/localtime-old
  4. Copy file with your zone to /etc/localtime .

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