Jan 26

if you want to modify qmailadmin to check if new password is strong you can do like this:

edit qmailadmin.c and:

add:   #include <ctype.h>

I wrote a function to check if new password contains at least 1 alphachar and 1 digit.

add it before int main(argc,argv)

int check_strong(char *pass_string)
    int digit=0;
    int alpha=0;
    int length=strlen(pass_string);
    int i;
       if( digit == 1 && alpha == 1 ) return 1;
                  if(isdigit(pass_string[i])) digit=1;
                  if(isalpha(pass_string[i])) alpha=1;
    return 0;

It’s not the best coding but it works 🙂 . You can add more checks in this function.

after :

 } else if (*Password1 == ‘\0’) {
                 snprintf (StatusMessage, sizeof(StatusMessage), “%s”, html_text[234]);


        } else if (strlen(Password1) < 6) {  //checks if length is at least 6 chars
                 snprintf (StatusMessage, sizeof(StatusMessage), “%s”, html_text[318]);  //318 is the text from qmailadmin/lang/en file if you use english
        } else if (check_strong(Password1) == 0) {  //use our function
                 snprintf (StatusMessage, sizeof(StatusMessage), “%s”, html_text[319]);  //319 is the text from qmailadmin/lang/en file if you use english

recompile qmailadmin and install.

in qmailadmin/lang/en add:

318 Password to short (at least 6 chars)
319 Password to weak

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  1. 1. loong Says:

    how to check the password can not same as user name ?


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