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RHEL / Fedora / CentOS has yum-updatesd, which provides notification of updates which are available to be applied to your system. This notification can be done either via syslog, email or over dbus. Configuration is done via the /etc/yum/yum-updatesd.conf file.

Open /etc/yum/yum-updatesd.conf file, enter:
# vi /etc/yum/yum-updatesd.conf

Setup variables as follows:
emit_via = email
# who to send the email to:
email_to =
# who send the notifications
email_from =

 Here is complete working config file:

# how often to check for new updates (in seconds)
run_interval = 3600
# how often to allow checking on request (in seconds)
updaterefresh = 600
# how to send notifications (valid: dbus, email, syslog)
emit_via = email
# who to send the email
email_to = 
# who send the notifications
email_from =
# should we listen via dbus to give out update information/check for new updates
dbus_listener = yes
# automatically install updates
do_update = no
# automatically download updates
do_download = yes
# automatically download deps of updates
do_download_deps = yes

Save and close the file. Restart notification yum-updatesd service:
# /etc/rc.d/init.d/yum-updatesd restart

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  1. 1. Michael Trojanek Says:

    yum-updatesd has been discontinued in favor of yum-cron. However, if you do not want to have another service running in the background you can easily get update notifications with a small bash script run by cron.

    I wrote a blog post about it:

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