May 02

1. Connect to the switch via the console port and manually reboot the switch.
2. As soon as the power is applied, press and hold the Esc key.
3. At the command prompt, type “EmergencyPasswordReset” (case sensitive
w/o the quotation marks).
4. At the confirm (y/n) prompt, type “X” (upper case X – w/o the quotation marks)
5. If done properly, you will receive a message stating that the password
has been disabled.
6. Type G and hit enter to reboot the switch.
The default user is:root and the default password is:switch if it is necessary.

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  1. 1. cipito Says:

    Super tare.
    It helped 🙂 First click, job done.

    Succes 🙂

  2. 2. Ashandy Says:

    Thanks. It helped

  3. 3. cipito Says:

    Helped again 🙂 Mersi !

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